Sandy Allen-Bard
Sandy Allen-Bard is a Leukemia Nurse Practitioner who recently joined Incyte as an Oncology Clinical Nurse Educator. Prior to this, Sandy worked at Weill Cornell Medical College/NYPH since 2001, where she assisted physicians in the management of patient care. She has spoken at ONS, JADPRO, Aplastic Anemia Foundation, Gilda’s Club, and Yale and Columbia Universities. Sandy fundraises for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training program, where she helps raise money for blood cancers and trains participants for endurance events.
Sandy continues to work passionately with many organizations and has been educating her colleagues on PV and MF. She is excited to be part of the patient education programs for Incyte.
“Sandy was informed and pleasant in her presentation of the [PV and MF] material.” — Meeting Attendee*
Dennis Chang
Dennis is an oncology nurse who loves to teach. He worked 10 years in the basic sciences before realizing that he was a “closet people-person” and wanted to have a vocation where he was making a daily positive impact on people. As an oncology nurse, Dennis took care of patients with solid and hematological cancers. Along the way, he learned many important life lessons about “how to live as a good person” and “the difference between curing and healing.”
Dennis works as an OCNE. He loves meeting and learning from people living with PV and MF, and he is often amazed at the stories they share. He feels honored to be able to share his knowledge and passion.
“Dennis Chang was wonderful. Generous with information and enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring.” — Meeting Attendee*
Becca Claassen
Becca found her calling as an oncology nurse. For 9 years she has worked in a variety of oncology settings, including inpatient, outpatient, and home-based hospice care. In the outpatient setting, Becca worked in a clinic that focused on the treatment and care of people living with PV and MF. Her work with people living with PV and MF has allowed her to see how important education is for them and their caregivers.
As an OCNE, Becca is passionate about educating her patients to empower them and positively impact their lives. Becca is humbled by the opportunity to interact with people living with PV and MF and share her knowledge of PV and MF with them.
“Becca did a wonderful job informing us and getting everyone involved. She answered all of our questions and was kind and helpful.”— Meeting Attendee*
Paul Larson
Paul is a nurse practitioner who has been working with hematology patients for more than 20 years. He has worked directly with inpatient and outpatient patients undergoing intensive therapy, and has cared for numerous people living with PV and MF, having followed many of them for years.
In his current role as an OCNE, Paul is passionate about promoting knowledge and understanding of PV and MF. This is accomplished by providing education to healthcare professionals and patient advocacy groups. Witnessing the accomplishments of medicine and being directly involved in patients’ lives are the factors that Paul finds most satisfying as a nurse practitioner.
“Paul was awesome & extremely knowledgeable about MPNs. Very informative.” — Meeting Attendee*
*All quotes are from attendees of Incyte-sponsored meetings.

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